Wednesday–Food, not only for thought

Today, my article on eating ice cream, specifically, going out to eat ice cream in Myrtle Beach, ran in the Sun News. I tried to find it online jsut now to give you a link, but there was none! Only hard copy for now. Should a link appear, I wil lpost it.

Meantime, if you are going to go out after dinner for ice cream, you might want to eat light at the table if you are goign to splurge calories on dessert.

Caprese Salad is a great summer meal–tomatoes are tasty, mozzarella is light and there is plenty of basil in the garden.

1 tomato per person

enough mozzarella (fresh!) to provide one slice for each slice of tomato

1 basil leaf for each slice

also oregano (optional) to sprinkle on when you lay the basil leaf on.

salt, pepper, the best olive oil you have, to taste


Sprinkle each slice of tomato with a tiny bit of salt.

Lay on the slice of cheese.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lay on the basil leaf, Drizzle with olive oil

Eat with crusty Italian bread.

Go out for ice cream and enjoy! Meal time is about more than eating. It is a time to share the love of family and friends.

If you are eating dinner alone tonight, eat, call a friend, one who needs encouraging, and invite that friend to go out for ice cream–either that night or soon.


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