Friday-Interviews for Authors

So, you have written a book. Now you want to be interviewed so that you will get publicity for your book.

There are several things you need to do in order to obtain that interview.

Write a press release

Identify the appropriate print, TV and radio media to receive your press release

Send the press release

Follow up with a phone call.

Follow that up with a card and another copy of the press release and offer of a review copy. 

If you still have not heard, then follow up with another call,

You can hire a professional to do all of this for you, but in my view unless you are famous already or have an absolutely dynamite book topic on a hot issue, you will receive the same number of acceptances as if the pro had sent out your material.

Warning–it is a lot of work and if you do not have the time or inclination to do this work, then do hire a specialist.

Then it is time to give the interview; Prepare, present and take a deep breath. Most interviewers are people who love the arts and will be nice to you. No need to fear.

Oh, you say (as my interviewer did today, you will do fine, Joan. You are a professional performer. But even though I was interviewing with possibly the nicest interviewer int eh world, Jemila Ericson of NPR in Wilmington , NC, I managed to flub the title of the collection of short stories (Tales Through Time, Women of the South) –one of those stories was the inspiration for the book I was promoting–Giulia Goes to War, a novel about a young girl who leaves home in small town PA to work in the shipyards of Wimington during World War II. Jemila tried to fix it, but it is only testament to no matter how well you can handle and audience when on stage as performer, when you are being interviewed, all bets are off! Fortunately most people will not remember the flub,(I hope!)

No need to dwell on it–if it happens to you, just go on to the next interview.

More detail on how to write a press release and the theory of how to be interviewed in future posts.



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