Happy Fourth of July

Wednesday July 4 and my book has been on sale at Amazon for four days!!!!!!!! So exciting!

Spent this morning in the kitchen and as soon as I stepped into the other room to work on the computer (and play words with friends!) the oven must have punked out–when I returned to take the pie out of the oven, ARGGGGGGGG!

So, now I have to guess how much more it needs to bake in order to be done. Thank goodness pie is more forgiving than cake on this score.

Writing is like that too–sometimes we are going along just gret and then discover we have been missing something essential–like the one thing needed to bring the book/story/poem to fruition (no puns from my peach pie intended).

More lessons for writing from my day–a turtle laid a nest last night on the beach. She worked hard and then had to leave her babies out in the world on their own–like our books.

Only instead of turtle volunteers we have marketing.

Have a Happy Fourth!



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