Friday Funday

Today is the day for a fun post.

But, since I am still grappling with how often to post, I will instead post something a bit more useful I hope.

Principals of Good Stagecraft

I am writing a guest post for Alice Osborn that will appear on Monday June 24. That post is aimed at writings who give


readings of Image

their work. I have specifically oriented my work on stagecraft to fit the needs of a writer. So, if you are a writer, catch Alice’s blog on Monday.

But here are some general principles:

Audience is king. Consider the audience in your selection of material and in how you purpose (direct, adapt) that material to fit their needs.

Enhance the availability of your material to all learning types by varying the way you present–include all five senses in the verbal descriptions. Use your body to “act out” parts of the story.

Allow the audience to share in the story when you can, with refrains, or movements.

Warm up the audience when you enter the stage area with a little bit of information about story and yourself (if there was no intro). Maintain eye contact while you perform

Present the story with no interruptions–if something happens–go on–if a child comes up uninvited, incorporate that into the tale–continue.

After the tale, take questions and give a sense of finality. Release the audience back into reality.

Enjoy your weekend.


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